Stainless Steel Grinding Wheel Type 27

Manufactured in Thailand, Auweld’s grinding and cutting off wheels are designed to deliver consistent performance that satisfies users’ demands and requirements.


The diameter, thickness and centre hole dimension are indicated in the drawings and tables by means of the following symbol:

Depressed centre type

Safety Recommendations

safety-recommendation-icon-gloves safety-recommendation-icon-hearing safety-recommendation-icon-respirator safety-recommendation-icon-eye safety-recommendation-icon-instructionsafety-recommendation-icon-side_grinding-yes

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Maximum Operating Speeds

The maximum operating speed (m/s) is shown on the product labels via a color bar in accordance with the specifications of EN 12413. The maximum permissible RPM specification applies to the nominal diameter of the tools.

Safety Sheets

Should you wish to know more about any health hazards, exposure controls, personal protection, safe handling and ecological information, please feel free to ask for material safety data sheets from your Auweld representative.

Safety Commandments

  • Read safety instructions and standards
  • Wear safety goggles, face mask and gloves during operation
  • Use the correct wheel for intended application
  • Ensure two flanges clamping a grinding tool must always have the same
    outside diameter and support areas
  • Ensure wheel guard is in place
  • Ensure that arbor hole of abrasives matches the power tool in use
  • Ensure permissible RPM on wheels is above max. RPM of power tool
  • Ensure power tool is fully disconnected from power source before wheel
  • Ensure no loose items are left near work piece and on the floor that may obstruct or distract user from work
  • Check wheel for any chips or crack lines

Mounting System

The mounting system is a decisive factor for the safe use of the AUWELD-tools. Two flanges clamping a grinding tool must always have the same outside diameter and support area.

mounting-sys-icon-correct mounting-sys-icon-incorrect


100604 100 x 6.0 x 16mm A24N-BF27 Stainless Steel Grinding 15,300
125604 125 x 6.0 x 22mm A24N-BF27 Stainless Steel Grinding 12,250
180604 180 x 6.0 x 22mm A24N-BF27 Stainless Steel Grinding 8,500