Total System Engineering Solution

Auweld’s new automation products in collaboration with HanJoong promises to deliver high performance with its Korean-based technology. With its offering of panel line automation, sub-assembly automation, T-bar & H-beam production equipment, tubular production equipment and pipe spool line equipment, factory automation including hydraulic, press and robot systems and various types of cranes, work is made faster and easier.

Total System Engineering Solution to Various Industry:

  • Ship building
  • Offshore industry
  • Power plant / petrochemical plant / chemical plant / ship plant
  • Pipelines in oil refineries
  • Industrial plant include pre-treatment plant, steel pre-process production, vessel tank.
  • Port and berthing facilities / cranes

 Panel Line Automation
One stop solution for panel line automation, from plate joining to stiffener welding and flat block assembly. Making us a total system engineering solution provider to the shipbuilding industry.


1.    Plate Joining Equipment
2.   Butt Auto Welding Equipment
3.1 Crane Turn over stage
3.2 Flip over stage
4.    Butt Auto Welding Equipment (Back side Welding)
5.    Longitudinal transfer car
6.    Longitudinal fit-up Equipment
7.    Multi pole longitudinal auto welding equipment
8.    Block transfer car
9.    Pulling Winch
10.  Block lifter system

Sub-Assembly Automation
Production of sub-assembly parts – consists of roller conveyor system, anti-deformation device, multi-pole welding machine, part arrange and fit up machine.

T-Bar & H-Beam Production Equipment
Manufacture of T-bar and H-beam – consists of automatic system such as web and face setting device, tack welding, face corner rounding, welding and straightening.

Tubular Production Equipment / Pipe Spool Line Equipment
Manufacture of large size or high pressure tubular – consists of plate bending, milling, SAW longitudinal welding and circumference welding.

Industrial Plant Equipment / Factory Automation – Hydraulic, Press System
Fabrication solution for power plant, petrochemical plant, chemical plant and ship plant

Gantry crane, semi gantry crane, overhead crane, magnetic crane, laddle crane, wall crane, harbor crane and jib crane, etc.

Total System Engineering Solution