Synergy Cut CNC Flame Cutting

CNC Gantry Type Profile Cutting Machine

Synergy Cut high performance CNC cutting systems are designed with simple operation for cutting needs which demands high production and accuracy.

Synergy Cut series of machine are built with proven high performance PC based CNC controller, powerful servo drive system, precision rail etc.

Configure to the needs of a high performance, high speed, and high quality CNC cutting systems. Dedicated specialists for the cutting and automation needs.


  • Precision oil less motion slide system for X-axis
  • Precision machined and ground finished rail for Y-axis
  • Machine manufactured under the standard of DIN 2310
  • Heavy duty gantry type machine construction for excellent stability at all speed
  • Power track cable management system for X & Y-axis
  • Positioning accuracy ±0.2 mm/10 m, repeatability ±0.2 mm/10 m
  • Powerful high torque dual AC servo motor
  • Precision gearbox Neugart, Germany with anti-backlash direct drive
  • Ultra high resolution encoder for precise position accuracy
  • Precision pitch heavy duty rack and pinion drive for X , Y1 & Y2-axis


Rail Width Effective Cutting Width Cutting Depth Free Running Speed
2,500-12,000 mm 1000-10,000 mm 6-200 mm 12,000 mm/min-24,000 mm/min (optional)