Cantilever Welding Machine


  • XBH type column-beam welding machine adopts the imported AC transducer.
  • Three-spindle tracking systems in the tracking arc-guide mechanism ensure the alignment such that it is not bias on the weld.
  • Able to perform integrated interlocking and the equipment is provided with auto flux-recovery system.


Height of Web (mm) 200-2,000
Width of Flange (mm) 200-800
Length of H-beam (mm) 4,000-15,000
Welding Machine MZ-1-1000 Auto submerged /
Auto union melt welder
Welding Mode Ship-welding
Welding Velocity (m/min) 0.3-1.5
Reverse Velocity (m/min) 3
Track Distance (mm) 1,150
Power of Assembling Machine (kW) 7,500 x 2,000 x 3,120