KT-790PJX Plasma Bevel Cutting Machine

Outstanding features of KT-790PMX, which is being well-reputed because of high-quality beveling and cost saving by fast plasma-cutting process, are inherited to KT-790PJX. And KT-790PJX has realized further higher workability to meet demands from cutting shops.

KT-790PJX, that has been reduced its cost by using newly developed Beveling Unit and has been downsized, surely shall provide great productivity to International market widely.

KT-790PJX, that has pursued farther high speed process, high-quality and high efficiency.


• New bevel cutting unit
Newly developed RA (Rotate/Angle) style bevel cutting unit, which is lighter/smaller/higher-rigid than conventional High Speed Link Style and TCL Style, is employed to improve not only movement speed, but maintainability as well.

• Improved operability
PCNC (FANUC FS31iB+Panel i) is adopted to enhance Drawing Function. Real-time Drawing Function that shows the current cutting-position and total cutting time while running a program, Document Viewer Function that can see Manuals on the screen. These two functions have been available on the machine.

• Improved cutting quality
Newly developed Cut-condition Setting Function utilizing functions of PCNC enables to set Cutting Conditions (AC current/Flow rate/etc) through NC controller. Select Cutting material, Material thickness, Type of corner rope through NC controller, and the cutting can be done with much more suitable conditions.


Rail Span 4,000-6,500 mm
Effective Cutting Width Rail span – 1,000 mm
Rail Length

Up to 50,000 mm (Without cable-bearer less friction device)

Up to 100,000 mm (With cable-bearer less friction device)

Effective Cutting Length Rail length -3,000 mm
Rail/Rack Size

37 kg/m rail (CP6) /

50 kg/m rail (CP6, CP10 and CP16)

NC Controller FANUC 31iB + Panel i
Speed Specifications

Cutting Speed : 0-10,000 mm/min

Rapid speed : 30,000 mm/min

Manual rapid speed : 12,000 mm/min

Cutting head lift up/down speed :18,000 mm/min

Plasma Cutting Apparatus PEGASUS 500 or HPR-400XD(HYPERTHERM INC)