KT-790PMX Plasma Bevel Cutting Machine

Model KT-790PMX is the high-performance plasma cutting machine to have pursued the high speed of plasma cutting thoroughly. High cutting speeds can be achieved dramatically by reinforcing machine rigidity, increasing the acceleration of the drive system. It ensures significant reduction in total cutting time. The highly accurate plasma bevel cutting is possible by equipping automatic bevel cutting unit.


Improved in cutting speed
Cutting speed has increased 1.3-2.0 times the conventional one (depending on plate thickness).
Note: By employing technologies of LMXVII, both the machine body rigidity and drive systems can cope with high acceleration (acceleration of 3 times the existing one).

Now the maximum cutting speed of 10,000 mm/min is available. That is, the machine can cope with the maximum output, 500 A, of the PEGASUS 500.

The speed has dramatically increased by employing large current of 400-500A.

Improved machine speed
The angle setting speed has increased about 1.4 times the conventional one (150°/s), and the swiveling speed has increased about two times the existing one (60 RPM).

Shortened piercing speed
The piercing speed has decreased one half the existing one.

Employing the newest model of the NC device, FANUC FS-30iA, processing speeds in each processing have been improved, typically in each motion of piercing.

A newly developed electrostatic capacity type height sensor is employed for the initial height sensor instead of existing air-type height sensor, which improves responsiveness, achieving 18 m/min torch descending speed in piercing.


Rail Span 4,000-7,000 mm
Effective Cutting Width 2,800-5,800 mm
Rail Length Standard: 9,600 mm (Extendable by 1,200 mm)
Effective Cutting Length Standard: 6,600 mm (Extendable by customer’s specification.)
Applied Materials HPR-260 (260A) or Pegasus 500-O (500A)
Allowable Cutting Thickness Standard: Mild steel, Option: Stainless steel, etc.
Cutting Speed

Hypertherm HPR-260: t6 ~ t32 mm (Mild steel)

TANAKA PEGASUS 500-O : t6 ~ t50 mm (Mild steel)

Rapid Speed 0-10,000 mm/min
Rapid Speed

Rapid feed: 24,000 mm/min,

Ultra rapid feed: 50,000 mm/min