CNC Drilling Machine


  • AWZPZ160A digital control driller employs AC servo motor to drive the X and Y-axis, while Z-axis is position by high frequency raster.
  • Uses semi-closed closure digital control system to have reliable performance.
  • Operation can either be manual or automatic.
  • Widely used in steel frame construction.


Model AWAP1650 AWZPZ2200
Drilling Diameter Ø 50 Ø 60
Max Dimension of Workpiece (mm) 1,650 x 1,000 x 80 2,000 x 1,500 x 80
Rotary Speed of Main Shaft 130-400 r/min, Stepless and adjustable 130-400 r/min, Stepless and adjustable
Feeding Type of Main Shaft Hydraulic Lead screw
Quantity of Moveable Working Platform 2 2
Number of Workpiece
Can be Tooled For Once
4 4
Clamping Type Hydraulic Lead screw
X and Y-Axis Fast Moving Speed (m/min) 12 12