Automatic Welding Tractor

TA2 welding tractor with inverter submerged arc welding


  • Adapt digital circuit control, able to preset and use together with the inverter welding rectifier.

TA6-S/S Twin wire twin arc submerged Arc welding tractor


  • In multi-wire submerged arc welding, multi-power source supply current to the wire, meanwhile weld the work piece together.
  • The welding speed is faster compared to the single wire.
  • Deposition efficiency is higher with deeper deposition.
  • Twin wire single arc adopts one power source and one wire feeder, 2 holes nozzle contact tips.
  • The 2 wires are alternately burning to provide high deposition, with welding efficiency of 20-30%.
  • Every single arc is supplied by single power source in twin wire twin arc, welding efficiency can be more than 70%.