H-Beam Shot-Blasting and Cleaning Machine


  • HPG continuous rolling series is researched and developed in accordance with the features of the steel structure.
  • Adopted computer 3D dynamic simulating design to locate the position of the shot-blasting machine.
  • Equipped with highly efficient filter-barrel pulse back-blowing dust removal.


Type AWSB 1220
Size of Workpiece Section (W x H) (mm)  1,200 x 2,000 mm
Length of Workpiece (mm) 3,000 x 15,000 mm
Quality Standard Surface Cleanliness A-B Sa2~A-B Sa2½
Surface Roughness (μm) 15 ~ 50
Shot-Blaster Quantity 8
Qty of Shot-blasting (kg/min)  8 x 220
Power (kW) 8 x 11
Inlet and Outlet Conveyor Allowable Load (kg/m) 1,000
Conveying Speed (m/min) 0.5-5
Ventilation Capacity (m³/h) 12,000
Circulating Qty of Shots (T/h)  120
Nominal Size (L x W x H) (mm) 7,200 x 2,520 x 3,650
Depth of the Pit (mm) 1,820
Total Power (kW) 140