Fit-Up Rotator


  • Mainly used for joining of long pipe.
  • Has 4 independent fit up rolls, and is used jointly with standard conventional powered and idler rotator.


Type Max Load Weight (kg) Range of Suitable Workpiece (mm) Rubber Roller
(D x W) (mm)
Wheel Linear Speed (m/h) Power of Motor (kW) Inner Distance of Rail (mm) Way of Setting
AWFR-40 40,000 Ø 2,000-Ø 4,800 Ø 400 x 210  6-60 2 x 1.5 1,700 AC Converter stepless speed adjust or electromagnetic speed adjust
AWFR-60 60,000 Ø 2,500-Ø 5,000 2 x Ø 520 x 178 6-60 2 x 2.2 2,000